About Us

Have you ever struggled with finding local esports tournaments, barcrafts, conferences, and LAN parties? Yea, we have too so we’ve decided to create Victus.GG – a platform for gamers and event organizers a like to make attending and managing esports events much easier.

As an Organizer you can create an event, setup ticket sales, and share it with the world within minutes using a single platform. No longer will you need to use multiple tools to build a proper tournament, or multiple platforms to post critical event information – with Victus it’s all in one place.

As a Gamer and esports fan you can find local events to attend, check in on your favorite league, or even compete in tournaments yourself. Gone are the days of searching through multiple Facebook groups, local esports websites, and heaps of news to find the information you want on your favorite teams and leagues.

We welcome everyone from couch players to national tournaments to create and share your events with the world, or your local gaming group.

Have Questions?

We’re ready to help, email us at contact@victus.gg with any questions you might have about our platform, our services, or esports in general.

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