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Why Victus?


Manage your esports tournament with automated check-in, built-in real-time brackets, user registration, and easy payment collection.


Publish your tournament and instantly get noticed by a community of local gamers looking to join your event.


Selling team passes or tickets? We charge nothing for team or player registration! (PayPal service fees still apply).

Main Features

Built-in Brackets

Create a single elimination, double elimination, or swiss tournament bracket seeded manually or by ticket entry.


Download event reports, check in attendees with QR codes and more with our event management backend built for organizers.

Location Search

Gamers can discover your events with our advanced location search. Events can be filtered by game, tournament type, paid or free, and much more.

Get Rewarded

Organize or attend events to earn XP to boost your profile.

Recurring Events

Schedule recurring events on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis to save time and keep your event goers engaged.

Simple Payments

Collect ticket fees instantly without dealing with hidden fees and long waiting periods.


Not selling tickets? Have users RSVP for free to claim a spot at your event instead.

Built With Love

Our first love is gaming and its culture. We will always build our products and features with the community in mind.